Bay Area Sailing School

Learn to Sail in 2 Days

Learn to Sail in only Two Days for under $300

   Free Charter, Free Mentor Session, Sailing Made Easy textbook, ASA Logbook, ASA Certification Fee
   all included in the above price for ASA 101. Only $293.30.

   ASA 101 class next weekend, September 28-29, has spaces
  Space available every weekend thereafter  Only $293.30

  Never more than four students on the ASA 101 boats

  We have five boats available to use for ASA 101

  We are now offering two day courses for ASA 103 and ASA 104 as
  separate courses so it is not necessary to take a day off.
  Price is $335 per person
  Private is $850 for one or two people
We have 3 spaces for the Combo starting
September 27 on second boat.

Check with us for discounts for the Sept 27 class.  

  • The Combo course (ASA 103 & ASA 104)
  •  offered every weekend.
    Over 60 combo courses every year.  
  • 3 spaces September 27 and every weekend thereafter

    • You can save $80 on the Combo course
    • (ASA 103 and ASA 104) by placing a
    • deposit for ASA 101 and the Combo course
    • at the same time.
    • The total deposit for both courses is $300.
      Reduces the Combo to $592.48 from $672.48

    The ASA 105 Class December 7-8 has 8 spaces
    The course is $350.

  • The ASA 106 - Advance Coastal Cruising is next offered
  • October 4-6 for $790.   Space for one person or a couple
  •  still available.

  • This offshore at night course will next be
  • offered May, 2020.

                       We will email you the gift certificates