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Welcome to Bay Area Sailing School
21 Years - Since 1999
Sacketts Sailing Center
24 Years - Since 1996 under our ownership, Opened 1982

A Catalina 27, Kelpie, is available for Rental
Endeavor 37, Wind Lass, also now available for Rental


Robinson Crusoe, our sweet Cat, passed away July 24.
Many people have seen Robinson sleeping on my lap at the
 front desk or waiting by the front door to slip out for a walk.
Robinson has been with us since 2008 and will be missed.

We Now Offer the option of Taking
ASA 105 - Coastal Navigation ONLINE
Click on this link to Register or more Information

You can also register for Celestial Navigation - 107,
Weather Endorsement - 119, and Radar Endorsement - 120

Our phones are open 7 Days a Week

Last Updated Sunday , February 21

We are Open for Classes and Charters

All ASA 101 Classes will be limited to 4 students per boat
Only exception will be a family of 4 or more

We ask everyone to wear masks for everyone's health
Minimum 6 foot distance will be maintained in the classroom between family units and unrelated individuals

We do ask to let us know if one has symptoms, coughing, or sneezing so, if you do, we can reschedule your class

Call us to schedule your class
We are having the ASA 101 classes every weekend.
This is a 2 day class from 8:30 am till 5 pm each day

We do have 3 spaces for February 27-28 ASA 101 class
Space available for ASA 101 every weekend after

Combo Course (ASA 103 & 104)
Space available every weekend

Combo Class February 26-28 has 2 spaces

Spaces available in Combo classes every weekend after that

Next 105 class is May 22-23
Class is 4 people maximum to maintain 6 foot separation
$350 per person
3 Spaces Available

Also offered as a private class for $850 for one person
$900 for two people/$450 per person.
$1050 for three people/$350 per person
$1400 for four people/$350 per person

Next scheduled 106 is May 21-23 but will schedule another
before May 21 if at least two people enroll.
$1090 per person
0 Spaces Available May 21-23

Next ASA 106 class is August 13-15
4 Spaces Available

ASA 101: $293.30   $100 Deposit by phone
Limit of 4 students per boat

Combo Course (ASA 103 & 104): $672.48 $200 Deposit by phone

Save $80 off of Combo course if placing a deposit for both the ASA 101 and Combo at the same time.
Pick your dates for courses later

We have had people take lessons as long as 13 years after paying a deposit.  Your deposit never expires.

Also private ASA 101 lessons are only $586 for one or two
people during the week (Monday thru Friday).

That is the total price, not per person.
Only $100 additional per person for up to two more people
4 Person private course is only $196.50 per person

We are offering Private Combo classes Monday thru Thursday
Only $1540 for 2 people
or $1740 for 4 people

Only $435 per person for a group of 4 people
Any three days Monday through Thursday

Save More on Charters by Joining our Club for $100 if paying monthly. $75 initial fee plus $25 for first month dues
Autocharge your credit card for twelve months after joining

Most boats are $100 less with membership
 + longer hours

Call us at 281-334-4179



We have had one person schedule a course 13 years after placing a deposit


We are open 7 days a week by phone

Next Instructor Clinic will be June 5, 2021
See tab on left "Become an ASA Instructor" for details

#1 ASA School in Texas
based upon number of certifications issued

based on number of certifications issued

Learn to Sail at Bay Area Sailing School
Learning to sail is easy, fun, and affordable

Learn to Sail in 2 Days
FREE CHARTER and Mentor Session included

Learn at Bay Area Sailing School where we have
 ASA 101 and Combo (ASA 103 & 104) classes most weekends

  4 spaces in the Combo course every weekend

Save $80 off of Combo price

when you place a deposit for both ASA 101 and the Combo course at the same time.  $300 deposit total for both courses reduces the Combo course to $592.48 from $672.48.

Schedule when you are ready
Prefer Not to Take Off Friday?

We offer options so the Combo Course will fit your schedule
No Need to take a vacation day to complete ASA 103 and ASA 104

1. Standard 3 Day Group Course is Friday through Sunday
$672.48 unless you take advantage of the Two Course Discount


2. Split the Combo between two weekends

Do the first day one weekend and finish the second two days another weekend. 
$150 additional total. That is not per person



3. Split the Combo course into two separate courses.
Do ASA 103 one weekend and ASA 104 another weekend
$425 per person
3 people Minimum
Private for One or Two People is $1000

Private Combos during the week only $1540 for one or two people
Only $100 for each additional person
(Any three days Monday through Thursday)

Please note private rates are for weekday private courses only

Private ASA 101 during the week only $586 for one or two people.
Only $100 for each additional person

Advance Coastal Cruising

Next 106 class 

Next 106 class is May 7-9, 2021

Call us at 281-334-4179
Email us at

Open 7 days a week

 Bay Area Sailing School is the leader in sailing instruction, sailing lessons, and sailing workshops for Texas, Kemah, Galveston Bay, Houston, and Clear Lake area. With our sailing club Bay Area Sailing Association, and charter company Sackett’s Sailing Center, we are a full service sailing organization.

Our home port at Watergate Marina in Kemah, Texas provides sailing courses certified by the American Sailing Association from Basic Keelboat sailing, to Advanced Coastal Cruising. Gain the confidence to crew or skipper boats to 26’ in our Basic Keelboat course, and to 50’ in our combined Basic Coastal Cruising and Bareboat Charter courses. For the sailor that dreams of owning a boat and cruising the Caribbean or sailing the world, Coastal Navigation and Advanced Coastal Cruising are also offered. Click here to learn more about any of these courses. We offer our Basic Keelboat Class every weekend, and our Combo class most weekends.The Coastal Navigation course is offered each quarter.

Graduates will enjoy our exclusive free sailing and sailing club membership opportunities.

Since 2001, Bay Area Sailing School has won the ASA “School of the Year” award 2 times (2001,2002) and the “Outstanding Instructor of the Year” award 7 times (2001,2004 & 2006) (2 in 2005), (2 in 2017 - Jon Jones and Vernon Lemex), and Jones in 2018.

We want to teach you how to sail, and keep you sailing. On successful completion of the Basic Keelboat course graduates receive certificates for a free mentor session of about 4 hours with an instructor, and a Free half day charter on a 27 ft.boat.  Our mentor sessions are with several other graduates and an instructor aboard. We also offer private Mentor Sessions where you will not share the boat or instructor with other students. The private Mentor Sessions will allow time for at least two hours of sailing. The private Mentor Sessions are $250 and you can bring family or friends with you (up to four).
You will still have your free Mentor Session on Saturday morning to use.

Free charters
are on full size wheel steered boats instead of smaller tiller steered boats used at other schools.   You can take up to five of your friends or family with you on your Free charter. Our instructors will spend whatever time it takes to give you the confidence to take your friends sailing - with you at the helm. Note: The free mentor session and charter are not offered at our  satellite  school.

At Bay Area Sailing School, your satisfaction is guaranteed. We want you to have fun, learn how to sail and tell your friends about us. If you're not satisfied - tell us. We'll give you the course over again, with a different instructor, FREE!

Use the navigation side bar on the left to learn more about all of our services. If you would like to enroll in a class, schedule a charter or just ask a question, please contact us at (281)334-4179

Go to FAQs (Frequently asked Questions)

ASA Certification Fee. $39.00 is included in our course fee, no added fees.
Beginning Oct. 1 2007, ASA requires all schools to pay a $39.00 certification fee for first time students. This fee includes a 3 month membership in ASA .


Call us today! (281) 334-4179 or we'll call you
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