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Become an ASA Instructor         

Next Clinic starts Saturday October 26, 2024 at 5 pm

Bay Area Sailing School holds ASA Instructor Qualification Clinics two times a year to enable individuals to become ASA Certified Sailing Instructors.  We have individuals from across the country attending the clinics at our location in Kemah, Texas. We are able to have clinics year around due to our location half way between Houston and Galveston having a mild climate.

ASA requirements are:
1. Be 18 years of age
2. Have at least three years of sailing experience
3. Be certified to ASA 101. This requirement can be met by testing out of ASA 101 at our location for $100 or taking the two day course for $293.30 on a weekend.

The ASA 201 (instructor version of ASA 101) is 1.5 days starting Saturday at 5 pm. There are classroom portions of the clinic as well as on the water portions where you will demonstrate your ability to perform the sailing requirements of ASA 101. You will bring the completed ASA 101 exam to the clinic.

ASA 203 (Basic Coastal Cruising) is one half day ( Monday) .
ASA 202 (Keelboat 2) Wednesday
ASA 204 (Bareboat Cruising Certification) is one half day (Monday)
ASA 205 (Coastal Navigation) exam is Monday but can be taken prior to Monday
ASA 206 (Advance Coastal Cruising) is Monday afternoon (exam) and Monday night. The 206 exam can be taken prior to Monday.
ASA 214 (Catamaran) is one day (Tuesday).
A clinic on catamaran operations will be available in advance.
Fees:                 Total               Paid at time of Enrollment    Paid upon start of IQC   
ASA 201            $589                $200                                           $389                                           
ASA 202              550                  150
ASA 203              499                  150                                             349                                                             
ASA 204              499                  150                                             349                                          
ASA 205              499                  150                                             349                                          
ASA 206              550                  150                                             400                                          
ASA 214              590                  150                                             440

The above fees include ASA Instructor Membership for the remainder of the current year, and certification fees. Books are additional as most individuals already have the books.  The books, if you need books, are $30.25 for Coastal Cruising Made Easy (ASA 103) and $43.24 for Bareboat Cruising Made Easy (ASA 104).  Shipping is not included.  The instructor membership fee and certification fee are refunded if one should not complete ASA 201. The certification fees for the other levels are reimbursed if not certified by the instructor evaluator.

The materials for ASA 205 for home study are $80. We also offer a two day fast track 105 course for $350.00. Additional home study will be necessary after the two day track105 course to be prepared for the exam.

The reference for ASA 206 is The Annapolis Book of Seamanship which you can purchase at Amazon or at a local bookstore if you do not already have this book.  ASA also now has the 106 book Advance Coastal Cruising.


How to Enroll

Call Glen Gordy at 281-782-7246 to enroll over the phone. Enrollment is done over the phone or in person.

Our email address is

Information about area lodging is provided on this website at the tab "Area Lodging".