Bay Area Sailing School

Weather Forecast

You will leave the website for Bay Area Sailing School when you click on the weather forecast link. The link is

We are providing this link because we have found the local NBC station, Channel 2, to be much more accurate than the Weather Channel, the Weather Channel website, and other non broadcast sources.

We are almost always able to complete our classes regardless of the forecast by moving some activities from the second day of the ASA 101 course to the first day allowing for more sailing time on Sunday. In those rare cases where this does not work, we reschedule with you to complete the on the water portion.

The Combo course will go regardless of the weather (except for tropical storm warning) because it is an excellent opportunity to gain experience in all types of weather with an instructor aboard with you.

Our school has issued over 8000 certifications through ASA which has provided us much experience working around the weather.  Our number one priority is your safety, and then you having a FUN experience. It is important to us at Bay Area Sailing School you have the Best introduction to sailing possible.